Culturati is conceived as a voice for African culture, a vehicle to celebrate African culture and explore its enormous diversity as an effective tool to enhance creativity, increase productivity, and to foster progressive human development for the common good, all in the passionate drive to restore Africa’s eroding cultural pride, while in the same vein arresting the cycle of poverty and unemployment by creating opportunity for youth capacity building and empowerment among others. 

To celebrate African culture and promote it as an agent for enhancing creating, youth capacity building and empowerment, social cohesion, tech innovation, tourism and economic development.



To generate ideas, innovations, and capacities through creative cultural expressions, thus place culture at the heart of our development strategies, as a condition for sustainable development, and a powerful driving factor for its achievement.

Celebrating and Preserving African Culture

Over the years, African culture has steadily seen an overwhelming influence by foreign cultures, due majorly to an unbridled proclivity for Western values and traditions, which has made imperative the need for deliberate and sustained channels of enlightenment and rejuvenation of African culture and values, while uniting the continent in annual celebration of her rich cultural heritage, in deliberate preservation for posterity.